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Journalism and Communication
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Department of Journalism and Communication

Head: Professor Ke Xue

Associate Head: Associate Professor Feng Yan; Associate Professor Wu Li

The Department of Journalism and Communication has professional faculty members who are experienced, passionate and dedicated to teaching and research. The 24 full-time teachers include 11 professors, 11 associate professors and 2 lecturers. 20 of them hold a Ph.D. degree.

The department’s undergraduate programs were set up in 2002. Undergraduate teaching focuses on cultivating professionals with both knowledge of journalism and communication and practical skills, by introducing journalism and communication history, accurate reporting, in-depth reporting, computer-aided reporting and IT industry development and by providing students with knowledge of interactive relations between communication and society, commerce and entertainment.

The department’s master programs were established in May 2003. Ever since then, they have achieved great results in research areas of New Media Communication, International Communication, Audience and Communication Effect, and Media Operation and Management.

The cross-disciplinary doctoral program of New Media Communication and Management was set up in 2006. It made outstanding achievements in areas including Media Industry Management, Organization Communication Theory, Cultural Industry, Media Marketing and Management, Media Group Management, Media Law and Policy, Cultural Innovation Industry Development Studies, Mass Communication and Media & Entertainment Studies, Communication and Media Cultural Studies, Globalization and Communication. It has carried out several national level and provincial level research projects, winning awards from Shanghai Municipal Government and National Bureaus.

The mission of the department is to educate and inspire a new generation of professional and interdisciplinary trained talents in media and communication industry. Through combining a distinctive blend of theory and practice and encouraging creativity, the department equips its students with necessary expertise and skills needed to excel in a challenging career. Upon graduation, they are able to be involved in various communication and management activities in important government agencies or large-sized multi-national corporations.